Need a copywriter who specialises in the alcohol industry?

That's what I do.

Hello, I'm a copywriter for wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic alternatives. I write copy for websites, branding and create product names too.

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Tired of writing copy for your brand?
Feel like your copywriting isn't getting results?

And it feels like there's so much to get done:
Website copy, branding copy, sales copy and sometimes a product name.

I'm glad you found me.
I can help you by writing the copy you've always wanted.

You have a website.
Are people finding you easily?
This is SEO web copywriting.
I can make your website work harder.

Your brand needs marketing and sales materials.
Tag lines, sales sheets, neck tags, shelf talkers.
I can take this burden off your shoulders.

Your new product needs a name.
You've checked so many and everything's taken.
This is my speciality - naming products.

How can you get all this done?
At the quality your brand deserves.

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Hi, I'm Bettina Ferrando.

The copywriter for alcohol brands.

I actually like writing marketing copy.
And of course I like alcohol.
Why not combine the two?
I've been a copywriter for the alcohol industry for 20+ years. No other industry has products this fun...

I'm an SEO web copywriter, sales copywriter, brand copywriter. And very experienced in naming products.
In other words... I help businesses succeed.
Let me get your copy done so you can focus on everything else that matters.

Bettina Ferrando, copywriter, with a white shirt on, standing in front of a black pole and background blurred.

I especially love writing web copy and naming products but that's not all.
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By the way, I've helped plenty of other companies.

I've worked with alcohol companies of all sizes and in all beverage categories. I know I can help you too.

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Don't wait.
Relief from writing is only 3 steps away.


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With the writing in good hands, you focus on your real job. I can get your short and long term projects done.

A female with her head on the computer keyboard, feeling exhausted.
It can either feel like this.

Blank screen
Projects piling up
Stressed out

Or, it could look like this!

Copy done
Project done
Everyone cheering
(maybe cheesy...but why not?)

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