Why I'm your alcohol copywriter.

20+ years of copywriting, marketing & sales experience.
20+ years of working in the alcohol industry.
That sounds pretty legit to me...

Bettina Ferrando copywriter for alcohol brands standing against a wall

It's definitely a claim many people can't make.

Yes many say they can write copy.
Yes many people have alcohol experience (drinking doesn't count...)

But imagine finding someone with both writing skills and alcohol branding experience.

Glad you came across me?

Allow me to present my history. Then lets talk about how I can help your business succeed.

30+ years ago
I learnt how to sell from one of the best - Coca Cola (Amatil).

25+ years ago
At Mars Inc, their pet food division, as the marketer of Whiskas Dry, I learnt the customer is your boss. Understand their problems, give them solutions and they will be loyal to you.

20+ years ago
My alcohol industry experience begins (pet food to alcohol…a no-brainer…) As Bourbon Brand Manager at Foster’s, I created branding campaigns of all sizes - TV and radio ads, events, to in-store sales materials. Writing copy that connects and sells became my mission.

18 years ago
With Foster's I moved to California as the Innovation Manager at Treasury Wine Estates in Napa Valley. I thought I would stay in the US for 3 years, turned into 18...

14 years ago
While still living in the US, I opened my own business, specialising in copywriting and naming products. 

I always called Australia home...so now I'm back living here. What I didn't change is what I do. I help alcohol companies succeed, writing copy that gets found and converts.

I know I can help you, so take that first step to writing freedom.
Email me!

But maybe you're still not convinced.

As you think about it, the writing tasks pile up.

As I see it, you have options.
These 3.
Which one do you want to take?

Option #1. Work with someone who has years of professional expertise in your industry. Someone able to hit the ground running, at full speed, and write copy that gets your brand noticed.

Option #2. Find a regular copywriter without any alcohol industry experience, who ends up needing your constant attention, saving you no time at all.

Option #3. Continue the struggle of writing yourself...

I may be biased....but Option #1 sounds like the smart path to take...

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