Product Naming

You have an amazing product.

You've worked so hard to get it perfect.

Finding a name should be the easy part, right? Then you tried and tried and tried some more...

Why is naming a product so hard?

Just think how many brands are on the wine, beer and spirits shelves.

Now try and think of a unique name or even a word that isn't already taken.

Not an easy task.

What does it take to name an alcohol product?

It takes knowledge, creativity, stamina, and a good dose of humour.

I know because I've created names for many years. I've had my fair share of disappointments thinking I've just discovered the perfect name, to later find out it was already taken.

Don't get frustrated. There is a name out there for you.

What is your naming process?

Over the years I've developed many tricks to creating names.

My sweet spot is a name that is not only available but is memorable and tells your brand story.

Naming is an important step of a brand's journey. It's probably the first interaction your customer has with your product. It's not the time to leave it up to chance.

It requires a process. One that allows for creativity but also provides the boundaries to keep the project and thinking on track.

It also gives you the confidence to trust me with this important task. You have many other things that need your attention. Let me take care of this one for you.

In three easy steps, for you anyway, I can get this daunting job done.

  1. Through a well thought out series of questions I'll learn from you - the ideal target customer, what problems they would like solving, your brand story, it's unique positioning, the competitive set your customers are also considering, and your brand's tone of voice.

  2. Now you let me do my magic.

  3. Then the fun starts with me presenting the round 1 list of names. We discuss, I refine, then present the round 2 options, which have been created based on your feedback from round 1.

But rest assured. If you aren't happy after step 3, neither am I. I'll work with you, within reason, until we reach your goal.

Can you trademark my new name?

I'm not a lawyer so I can't conduct the full trademark process. But I know how challenging the trademarking of a name can be, so I provide you with a list of options that you can take through legals, for the final step of the process.  Knowing some will fall out at the last hurdle, you need alternatives at hand, rather than go back and start the whole process again.

I do however check all the names on the list with tools I've relied upon for many years and give you my professional opinion of their availability. Sometimes it comes down to your own personal risk tolerance which I'm not privy to. I aim to increase your chances of getting a name cleared, by vetting the names prior to a full legal review.

Why do I consider myself an expert in naming?

I hate it when a client falls in love with a name, only to find out it's not available. That happened to me many times when I was a brand manager. It's actually what lead me to get into naming as a career.

I also didn't like how naming companies would be very secretive with their lists. I never felt fully satisfied with the limited list they provided me. I was always left with wanting to see more, in case a name inspired my own brainstorming.

When you work with me I don't hold back. I've always surprised people with the number of potential names I provide. I understand they all aren't going to be on point, but its best to see the full picture. The whole cake, not just a slice...

Please can I work with you to name my product?

I think it's time you let me help you get past the naming stage.
Let's chat about your project, I'll tell you about the companies and products I've named in the past, and if it all feels good, let's get started.

This is an almighty stage of your product but one that many other steps are dependent upon.
It's a problem that thankfully has a solution.

Let me bring you relief and get your project moving along.

Let's Talk