Website Copywriting

Are the words on your website as amazing as your brand? They should be.

You know your brand inside out. If only others did as well. They wouldn't be able to resist buying if they did.

Your amazing brand deserves to tell its story. This is the job of your website. Through words, not just pictures.

Because it's the words that get you 'found' online.

You probably have the most beautiful website in the world...but are you getting the search traffic?

It's the copy on your website that does the heavy lifting for you. This is what gets you found, or not...

Writing the website copy doesn't get the time and attention it deserves

Does this sound familiar when it came to writing your websites copy or wording?

Now, what's the reason you have a website?

The #1 reason is to sell your product or service.

To be a sales success, you need people to know, like and trust you.

What builds this feeling in people?

They need to understand what you are offering, how it will make their life better, or solve a problem they have.

Show empathy, show you understand , show you care.

You can only do this with words. After all, that's communication for you.

Are the words on your website doing their job?

Creating a website is called website design. So what do we do...focus on the design of the website.

This makes sense because most websites are designed by experienced designers not experienced copywriters.

I know this because I've worked on a lot of website design projects.

Does this process of website design sound familiar?

Let me tell you why.

Not enough time was spent on writing the words.

People find you online by typing in words to the search bar. They don't find you because of the images or the colors or the layout. This helps with connection but it definitely doesn't get you found in the first place.

How is writing copy for your website different?

We all learnt how to write at school. Some of us liked it. Many of us didn't.

The style we were taught was essays. Long (rambling), big words (to impress the teacher), written like it an Elizabethan novel...

Then we started working and it became writing emails, business reports, social posts.
None of this kind of writing was taught to us. We just figured it out along the way.

But there is a problem. The purpose of this writing is different. Most of it just comes and goes. Written one day, gone the next.

A website is different.

You are writing for the long term. The copy needs to be more intentional, thoughtful and strategic.

To be useful to you as a business, it has to keep the reader interested, motivate action, and be searchable online.

Or else having a website was a pointless waste of money.

How do people read websites?

We skim, scan and scroll.

Think about what you do when reading a website.

You come across a big chunk of text on a webpage. It looks so daunting to read. Click away...

The copy goes on and on about their life's story. Pretty boring after a while. Click away...

It doesn't seem to understand you. Why bother reading any more. Click away...

What is good web copy?

Convinced yet that you need an experienced copywriter for your website?

Many find writing the copy for their website a huge stress. It's not part of your regular job description, even if you are in the marketing department.

And if you're a business owner, forget it. You have a business to run, products to make, invoices to pay, and have a life...

Like writing but don't have the time or just flat out hate it, I can help get the job done.

If you need all the copy written, email me. I've done full website copy projects.
Or just a few sections need stronger copy, like the About page or Membership/Club page, email me.

What makes me an experienced copywriter?

I know being humble is the right attitude to have but when you have the skills and experience, people want to know. You want to be able to trust me with your project after all, don't you.

Here's my history of writing and branding experience that brings value to your project.

And how am I an experienced copywriter for alcohol brands?

I know the industry well from years and years of experience. And I like it a lot.

In July of 2000 I became the brand manager for Bourbon at the Foster's Group. Twenty plus years later I'm still working in the alcohol industry, with experience in all categories - beer, wine and spirits.

In 2004 I moved to Napa Valley, as the Innovation Manager at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE). My job was creating new brands in open spaces.

After four years with TWE, I branched out on my own, as a marketing resource for a variety of alcohol companies. This is also when I started specialising in product naming. If you need a name, just let me know. I've got years of experience naming wine, beer and spirit brands that you can take advantage of.

Looking for a design partner to team up with, I found Geoff Meyer at BrandKind Design. He also specialises in the alcohol industry, creating amazing label, packaging and web designs for wines, beers and spirits.
The fit was just natural.
He designs, I write, client's businesses grow.
You can work with me, with him, or both of us as a team. Whatever meets your needs.

What now?

If you've never worked with a copywriter before, we can start with a conversation.
Email me and we can set up a time, or if you're feeling brave, call me and let's talk right away.

Or if you're done with waiting any longer, let's get your copywriting done.
I've worked long enough in the alcohol industry I hit the ground running.

And just so you know, I work in a friendly, informal but still professional way.
This is how most projects get done.

Ready to get your website working as hard as you are!

Let's Talk

PS. I have a copy secret you need to know about. A way to be found, ahead of your competitors.

Unfortunately it's not just the copy on the page you need to think about. There's also the copy written off-site, into your website program (like wordpress).

Get this right and you increase the chances of being found in searches.

I know the secrets of getting it done right and will happily share this knowledge with you.

This is another copywriting job you shouldn't leave up to your website designer. It gets zero attention from most.
I know this is the case because I have seen the back end of so many alcohol websites.

Without this step, your brand is not optimised for web search.

You are not on your own. Many miss this step. Don't any longer. Make it your competitive edge!